Thank you for visiting Mystic Valley Cane Corso. We are located in Freetown, Massachusetts on 2 acres.

Mystic Valley Chanel Originally from the city, we relocated into the country for the love of our dogs. Growing up we always had dogs... Large dogs. We were first introduced to this breed in 2002 at a show. We then did some research on them, and unfortunately that same year, we had a rottweiler that had passed away. During our research, we've read a lot of positive articles about the breed, how great the Cane Corso were with people and kids. Also, many of these people have previously had rottweilers and large dogs. We talked to many nice breeders that were very helpful and informative. So for Christmas of 2003, we got ourselves a beautiful blue male named Zeus. He was a very fun and loving puppy. He loved to play, slept a lot and ate a lot too. He was very protective, and a great guard dog. Sadly, Zeus passed away at a very young age. (You'll always be in our hearts Zeus)

We then decided that the house was just not the same without a dog. Life was just not the same without a dog. Still curious about the Cane Corso breed, we decided on a female pup, Mila. Mila is an Italian import with a great pedigree. She is absolutely the sweetest dog we've ever had. Not to mention very smart.  The best decision we've ever made. Having such great experience with both our first Cane Corso dogs, we decided that the family should be bigger.

We then imported another Corso female, Roina. She has a great pedigree herself. Roina is just as sweet and has a great temperament. We now have 3 corsos and 1 Chihuahua all under one roof. (They all get along great!) Hopefully, our family can continue to grow.

We've still got a lot of learning to do as time goes by. But this we know for certain, all of our dogs have brought such great love, joy and laughter to our lives. We could not ask for more. We hope your new companion will bring you lots of love and a lifetime of happiness. But just remember, whichever breed you choose, a dog will be faithful and true to you, 'till his last heartbeat.  Good Luck and God Bless.

   ~Victor & Julie, Mystic Valley Cane Corso

Victor & Julie Tavares Freetown, MA 508-763-2849 h 774-284-0735 c

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